VPS Dime vs OVH

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Here today am going to compare VPS dime vs OVH as I am using both of them simultaneously, therefore I decided to compare both.  Ovh is far older than VPS dime. OVH started it service in 1999 and its headquarter is in France whereas VPS dime started to serve in 2013.  VPSDime provides you 5 geographically diverse locations allowing you to host your application across 2 different continents. On the other hand, OVH has these data center – Gravelines (Northern France), Strasbourg (Eastern France) or Beauharnois (Eastern Canada), Wroclaw (Poland), Sydney (Australia) as well as Singapore, Germany, the United Kingdom, and soon Spain and Italy.

Here we are comparing the cheapest packages of both.

Price comparison

OVH starts from 3.49$ / mo with 1 core CPU, 2 GB ram and GB SSD. virtualization technology used by OVH is OpenStack KVM.

VPS dime provides it services at a bit higher rate starting from 7$/mo with a spec of 4 core CPU, 6 GB ram, 30 GB SSD. They utilize OpenVZ virtualization technology.

If we compare KVM cs OpenVZ, At the same price point, you’ll get less for your money with KVM. 256MB of KVM is less than 256MB of OpenVZ.

Activation time

 VPS dime usually takes less than an hour to activate our service whereas OVH can take up to 12 hours to activate and verify your payment.

Query Response time

In a nutshell, if someone asks me to compare the response time by their staff my vote go for VPS dime. VPS dime takes less than 15 minutes to respond to your query, whereas ovh can take up to an hour.

Average response time

According to VPS benchmark, response time of VPS dime  is 92.6ms and response time of OVH is  94.3ms

Sysbench CPU Performances

Operations per second of VPS dime 1223 is and Operations per second is 285. The higher it is, the better it is.

ovh vs vps dime

Now I move toward Bitcatcha to test the service utilizing two different servers of the same plan.

Server 1 on OVH

Server 2 on OVH

Server 1 on VPS Dime

Server 2 on vps dime

From all these A+ we are confident that all of our servers are quite well.


Practically while I am using, there is not a difference in both. You can go for any of them. If you are on a low budget go for OVH otherwise choose VPS dime because it specifications are quick fine than OVH and its support also