How to use cloud flare with virtual private server

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Before proceeding toward adding CloudFlare with VPS. let see the advantages of CloudFlare.

  • It protects you from brute force, DDoS Attack and hacking attempt
  • It avoids you delay occurred as a result of DNS propagation while you are changing your hosting
  • It also does minification process. Remove unwanted characters like whitespaces, comments, new line characters, block delimiters which are not needed for a web page to serve
  • It acts as a free content delivery network. Using Cloudflare CDN will increase your site performance by almost 50% and also your site will load way faster.
  • It provides you SSL certificate free of cost
  • The best thing I like in CloudFlare is that it masks my server IP address

After adding the domain to domain panel in sentora, the next step is to signup at Once you signup, it asks you to enter your domain name. As soon as its process, a DNS screen appears where you have to put your server IP.  First, put your domain in place of name and server IP AA.BBB.CCC.DD in place of IPv4 address. Then put www and server and proceed to next.

When you add a domain to your domain panel, a directory folder will be created. You need to delete that before going toward sentastico (WordPress module). You can delete it from file manager in file management section.The folder is located in public_html directory.

Once your DNS propagation has been completed, you can see this screen.

Once it deleted, it is the time to install WordPress. Click on sentastico and then at install.

Choose your domain and proceed further. Create database account, username, and password from the option given below ie open database manager and database user manager

As you click on install a WordPress installation setup appears. Choose your language and proceed further like regular WordPress installation. Use the database, that you have created earlier and you are done