How to find cheapest Virtual Private Server

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The minimum price of a VPS is above 3$ a month. But in some cases, you may need a server with a price of $1 or even less a month.

Why you need $1 VPS

One of the main reason behind this question is public blog network. To avoid the footprint, we need a unique B class IP and different location of the data server. Most of PBN hosting like easy blog network cause you $3 a month. For the people with 20 domain or less PBN without any income from the website, this option is also a bad one. Therefore we will go for cheapest VPS.

VPS requirement for WordPress

Let see what are the minimum requirements for our VPS

  • RAM 786 MB
  • Space 10 GB
  • 1 core CPU
  • 1 dedicated IP
  • 1 TB bandwidth

Three Best Resources to find cheapest VPS

In the beginning, i am unable to find the cheapest VPS available on the internet. At that time OVH is one of the cheap VPS for me. After finding these resources, I am able to find cheap vps

This is one of the best options for me to find a cheap VPS according to my requirements. I can sort my requirements in ascending and descending order. From here I find EthernetServers with 1 GB ram, 30 GB HDD raid 10 space, 2 TB bandwidth and 2 IPv4. Afer purchasing this, I found that I get half of that what is promised. I promptly go the live chat option which is a very good option for their service and informed them about this issue. Within one minute my issue was resolved. Afer that I faced another issue, I am unable to install Sentora, I opened a support ticket and within a short time, they also resolved my issue.

LET is another good option. We can navigate it easily. Register yourself to participate in the discussion. Open a discussion for people to help us if we are not finding the stuff of our requirements. It has been divided into categories which help you to find the required hosting easily.

Low end box is also a good option to find a hosting of your choice. It has a lot of offers, but these are not regularly updated. One of other pros is that its navigation is not user-friendly. I have to open a lot of posts, to find the required stuff.


If you are looking for VPS only, is best option for you