How to install WordPress on vps in a single click

Most of the blogger hesitate to use Virtual Private Server, only because they think managing VPS is very difficult and it requires a lot of coding. The first hosting I ever used is Namecheap for my website what do engineers do and it is more than good for a beginner. You can host 3 domain with a price of 10$ for the first year.

After a year, I have to pay 40$ for 3 domains. At that time, I start thinking to migrate to some other hosting plan, which allows me to add unlimited domains at a low price. I have visited almost all hosting providers and they are really expensive until I purchased them for 3 years.

While I was browsing for an alternative option, I came to know about the virtual private server. After reading the pros and cons of shared hosting and vps hosting, I decided to move toward vps. But there is one issue, I know nothing about linux, Ubuntu  or any operating system that vps used. I even don’t know how to create a vps. I have purchased a2hosting vps, the only reason to purchase it is its price and support. Both are excellent. But there is one issue. They offer 512 MB ram which is very low for VPS. My system is not performing well.

Now I start looking for another cheap and good vps provider and came across vps dime. This time issue is that no review is available about their services, and they are offering only 3 days money back guarantee. Another issue is that they even don’t have online support via chat or mobile. But I decided to take risk and purchased their one-month subscription. We have tried vps on the leading window cleaning services in united states.

VPS dime services comprises of

  • 4 vCPU
  • 6 GB ram
  • 30 GB space
  • 2 TB bandwidth

This package is very interesting for me, and I purchased it and I am 100 percent satisfied with their services. When ever I have an issue, I just open a ticket and get response within 3 minute.

Now I would like to tell begineers how to install wordpress on virtual private server (VPS).

Visit VPS dime

Step for installation of wordpress on vps

Choose centos7 when you are building your vps.

Step 1. Download putty

Go to and download it.

Step 2 Login to server via putty


Step 3. Enter login details provided by vps provider.


Step 4 . Install Sentora

Here we need a control panel such a plesk or control panel to add our domains and manage data base. I choose sentora because its free and it also provide me one click wordpress installation. There are other available, but they don’t provide one click wordpress installation.


Install Sentora by putting these commands . Just copy them from here by use of ctrl + c. Paste on putty by pressing right button of your mouse. There is no keyword command. Use right button of mouse to paste.

yum -y install wget unzip zip nano tar


chmod +x install



if  httpd is already installed

yum erase httpd httpd-tools apr apr-util

yum remove bind

Do you want it to be done at low price, contact me at

Step 5 Install Sentastico

Sentastico is use to install wordpress by single click.

zppy repo add

zppy update

zppy install sentastico

zppy update

zppy upgrade sentastico

Step 6 Install File Manager

File manager role is same as in shared hosting.

zppy repo add

zppy update

zppy install

zppy update

zppy install ELFileManager

Step 7 Enable Sentastico

Go to module admin on left side bar. Find Sentastico and enable it by ticking all three option infront of it

Step 7  Add domain


Step 9. Create database

Step 10. Install wordpress

Go to sentastico on left side bar and install wordpress, add your mysql data base name, username and password there.

This is all about how to install wordpress on vps. If you want to hire me for this you can hire me at fiverr. You will also get a paid plugin as a bonus.

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